Natural products, pharmaceutical technology.

Our proprietary technology ensures an excellent quality improving absorption and efficacy.



We develop innovative and high-quality products thanks to the experience gained in more than 20 years of activity in the formulation sector.

A young company with decades of experience.

Sferalp SA is a recently formed company, originating from the Research and Development department of the pharmaceutical company Micro-Sphere. We specialize in formulation, development and manufacturing of food supplements.

The team consists of experts in the formulation sector with specific competence for extracts or insoluble substances with limited absorption and efficacy.

Peeled turmeric rhizomes in wooden bowl

Our products: well-known, yet brand new

Oils, powders and capsules are products with which we are familiar and have been using for long time, however there is always room for innovation.

At Sferalp we do exactly this: research and development to combine the extraordinary power of nature with the opportunities offered by pharmaceutical science.

Pharmaceutical science meets nature.​

A preparative technique of pharmaceutical origin that allows an oil normally immiscible with water to self-emulsify forming a micellar solution.

Sferalp specializes in the application of this technology to develop formulated oils containing plant extracts insoluble in water.


Formulations, analyses and research. The passion that drives us at the service of your success.

Servizi Formulativi

Formulation Services

Formulation and development of food supplements and medicines.

Industrial Services

Manufacturing of food supplements, even in small batches.

Analytical Services

Analyses of active ingredients and cannabinoids, SEM analyses.


We use natural products that have been known for centuries, yet we have not stopped learning.



Our Research and Development department is constantly designing and developing new recipes for people’s wellbeing.

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