About us

Our story

We are a young company, founded in 2019 in the Canton of Ticino in Switzerland. We were born as a spin-off of Micro-Sphere SA to focus on formulation, development, production and marketing of food supplements.

Our team has a long and proven experience in the formulation sector. In more than 20 years of activity we have developed a deep knowledge of fat-soluble extracts and active ingredients as well as techniques to improve their absorption.

We develop high quality natural products, formulated with proprietary technologies of pharmaceutical origin capable of improving their absorption and efficacy.

We have a rigorous quality system, which regulates all company management operations and guarantees complete traceability and quality, from raw materials to finished products.

Our team



Michele Müller

General Manager



Matias Lindner

Quality Control



Anna Patriarca

Research and Development



Maria Teresa Pinorini

Quality Assurance

Our mission is to facilitate the maintenance of the physical well-being for people who value a better quality of life.