Three technologies: one goal.


Thanks to continuous research and development, Sferalp developed three formulation techniques with self-emulsifying properties. These technologies allow oils containing natural extracts usually immiscible in water to self-mix forming a micellar solution in which the extracts are dissolved. Thus, the absorption of extracts generally poorly assimilated is significantly improved. This enables a decrease in the doses used and an optimization of the desired effects.   

Self-Emulsifying Formulated Oils (SEFO) is a formulation technique providing a product in an oily form that is suitable for filling soft and hard gelatin capsules. 

Sundalp® is a product derived from an innovative blend of food ingredients that serves as a base component for developing oils containing lipophilic extracts. Sundalp can also be used to develop oil dispersions containing hydrophilic extracts.

DISSOLIDA® is a technology delivering a powder product that can be sold in hard capsules or in sachets to be dissolved in water.


Food supplements capsules

How do they work?


Thanks to our experience and passion for research, we developed the following solutions to overcome formulation challenges.


Formulation of water insoluble extracts.


The all-natural component to develop self-emulsifying oils.


Turning formulated oil into powder.